Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wed., May 9th, 2012

No I didnt go away. Sorry folks, I just got overwhelmed with life and just couldnt find the where with all to post here.  Today we had more rain last nite, and the plants are really growing now outside. Have some new kittys show up outside. New to me, one lady use to feed the girl, but she doesnt anymore. And her fella is obviously the daddy to my huge cat Hunter. Cause he is huge. And she gets my Hunter confused with her fella-lol. Mine is fixed though. Went to see the new Advengers last Sunday and in 3d, but we had to sit up front like 4 rows from the screen due to the full house and the glasses were not effective. It was good, I hope they continue it out more. Our local movie house had closed last year, and is now reopened by a new owner. So it was nice to go to a local theater and only pay 5.00 a person. I hope the town really supports them! I think Iron Man is splendily acted by Robert Downey. I saw his main movie the Saturday on tv.
Sewing? well I just am not doing much of that...everyday i plan to. But I dont for various reasons. Hang in there with me, I will try to keep this going better.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012

Wha ta Tuesday! Packaged up things to mail out and it took me forever. Then find out that the fabric I had precut by the LQS, was shorted......I had to order more!  DO you feel my whine-LOL. I reordered some
more to be picked up on the 14th for me to use in the wildflower quilt I plan on making me someday!

And then to make the error of asking DH to go with me to mail 2 packages, I ended up gone from noon till
4pm!  In this small town. Had to run to staples to get the 9x12 clasp envelopes on special 100 for 3.00! Then to the Berdolls Pecan Farm, where I walked in and my blood sugar ran up to what i expected a 1000-only kidding. they had a HUGE candle in a HUGE glass vase with 8 wicks smelled like fudge in
there. No kidding.  It is called Maple Sugar Fudge, and I swear I did not ask the price the of the huge one, but asked for the smallest was a good size, but the price was 16.99!  its one size you might pay 10.00 for at Wall box store.  But oh my what a smell!  I could smell it for an hour after I walked out of there~!   oh yummmmmmmmmmmmm

Are you all being induated with magazine renewal forms for magazines you have never used or even heard of?  I am. Makes me so mad.  I promptly write them a note and say I have never heard of your magazine and
of you either, and I dont want to-take me off your list, signed MZ crab pants-lol.  This is the first year I decided to sunscribe to some quilt magazines rather than pay store price for them since Wall box quit giving us a discount. And then I stuff everything into their postage paid envelope and send it back to them at their expense.  GRRRRR

And today one of the local news stations fired, yes fired 3 of the best people at their station. Two of the ladies worked the weekend show and I really admired them, and called in to say so. One lady especially was so personable and upbeat and intelligent. Really a plus for the station. The one man had been there since 1998, and did the weather as #2 man, so able that I trusted him to be there when we wondered if we were going to make it or not. Gone, no kiss my grits, no notice........all just gone. I dont think I will watch that station ever again.  KXAN-tv , you have done a real disservice to the viewers in my humble opnion. And to
hurt those 3 dedicated workers , hurts my heart to loose them. Knowing in this economy, how it hurts them!

I guess I am ranting today a bit, I apologize for that.  Meanwhile I did cut and touch fabric today. I did
clean up a little to the path to the sewing machine. It is very cold here again. 50 all day today. Sun did come
out.  and we have another cold front coming in a few days. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday- Jan.9, 2012

Can you believe it? Yesterday was Elvis' 77th birthday !! And it was hardly mentioned around here.

It was cool yesterday here in my area, and at 11pm last nite it began to rain and here at 2 pm it is still raining
and in the mid 50's.  Made soup last nite and had it for lunch and for supper tonite and so on-lol.

Today I didnt get up until late, decided not to go to the Austin Guild, due to the rain issue in Austin, being harder rain and a gas leak a few streets over that blew a house up, besides people in Austin do not drive well
in rain. I decided to stay home and plan.  Won't tell you what i am planning-lol

What a football game that was last nite in the first few seconds of the OT. I was watching but I did not see it.I had to watch 3 reruns before it sunk in!  Wow, I cant believe the Steelers are not going to Super Bowl!
AND I watched Jennifer Hudson on Dateline last nite, wow what a person she is!  I really admired her in DreamGirls when it came out, barely watched whatever show she was trying to win by singing earlier. But now she is really living life for herself and she deserves it. As we all do in whatever way we want. No time like the present to go for that DREAM!

All 3 of my inside cats are in bed staying warm and sleeping big time. i am up for a while, wil go back when my feet get too cold on this wood floor. Meanwhile I am cooking some items for later and making way to the
sewing machine in smaller steps! Not going to give up.

On one list I am on, they asked for the question of the week, how much do you spend a week on your sewing/quilting habit?  I cant spend a lot like some, and I just dont think I want to share how I go about it.
I do not want to be envious of anyones stash-lol.  I deal in scraps mainly, and I make mostly charity quilts. So I dont pass up a good deal when there is a real special either!  And then on another list, they asked how much yardage do you buy a week?  Well, thats kinda the same answer to me.  I dont go for yardage amounts cause we all seem to compete in one way or annother. I may not at all be interested in fabric that week, and if someone says I bought so and so, then all of a sudden it seems, I get antsy to have something new. Without sewing what I started before, or only doing part of a BOM and having that pile up. Seems to go with the resolutions, when I sign up for a BOM then i dont finish it, I self sabotouge?  Do we all do it?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday, Jan. 6, 2012

It is another cool morning, going to be mid 70's again today and dry here In Bastrop, TX

I went to quilt bee yesterday, and a member is sharing her expertise, with our al lmaking a row quilt
we can follow all of her designs, or we can substitute our own into it. Which I wll attempt to make! I think
I am coming out of the fog. I am going to use assorted 30's fabrics and yes will share a pic or two of it in progress.

I just pulled all the wires from around the back of my computer, when I got it in Nov. and plugged it all back in, the sound would not work. DO not know why, and I have procrastinated ever since with it, missed some classes I paid for online for quilting, so today I finally pulled all the wires out and it is a bird's nest of wires.
How THAT happened I do not know. I have labeled all the wires in the past, but I cant find the one that is suppose to handle the sound. what! did I do with it! I never took them away! So today I am going to locate it
which will mean shutting down and unraveling the nest, and finding the whole wires to everything so I can
have sound. This is really stupid of me.  And and AND I am about to go off and make a path to the sewing machine!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow we leave at 7am for Austin, errands, my BOM at the Honey bee Quilt Store and go to JoAnns
there is a member of the Quiltville group who lost her DH, then a month later her house caught on fire and she is in need of "things", including scraps, any extras I have in my sewing area too. I hope to send them out
on Monday to her. So I doubt that I will post on Saturday, cause when we return I will be tired and it is
football games. DH HAS to watch and if he comes to my room to watch on the bigger screen, I have to be there quiet (no utube or classes online or ecards to have him hear it). 

HAVE A GREAT DAY. whether you make a baby step or clear out one itty bitty box or drawer, you are
making a progressional step to your world.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wed., January 4, 2012

I have been remiss on posting, today it was a beautiful, clear day of 73 degrees and dry in Central TX.

No sewing yet, have been running around restocking the staples of my little pantry at specials here & there.

Thursday will be at quilt bee, although I am taking nothing to work on and doubt I will be there long.

Today was decide where to plant the rose bush I bought , that is not the one I wanted, but needs a home for
  it.  And got a new seed catalog in the mail, and hope to find something in it that we can successfully raise
  this year.  Totaled the project I want built ,costs today, and from scratch it is more expensive than ever. But
  still a lot less already built and delivered!  Now to find a sale on the one I will settle on and save up for it
  someday.  Meanwhile, next month will be temps where I can get him to paint the buildings that need it so
  badly. I have mint green walls in my sewing areas with pink accessories and think I might find a yard sale
  that can supply a pink side curtain for the one little window I have.  I painted all the tops of the sewing
  tables (3) with Barbie Pink gloss. I need to buy some more someday to do more with that! and white plastic
  drawers abound already (ya know the Walmart kind).  Yes I am looking over at the sewing area yesterday
  and noticed, HORRORS there are cob webs on my ruler and on a vase. If i am looking I might , wonders
  of all once again.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday , January 2,2012

Football........I usually like it, but it is overkill day for sure. So I went to Walmart and came home with a new McCalls Quick Quilts Magazine, so I can subscribe to it.  It is a beautiful cool, clear day in Bastrop, TX.

I realize my entries are out of normal order, and I am trying to learn how to fix them soon. I have been offline
most of Monday. I need to get up early and work on it when it is quiet around here.

Quilt Bee, locallly, starts up Thursday/ I will go, but if I take a machine to sew on a project, it will be a real
task for me to do that. But I am going to try.  I have 2 days left to get ready for it, tossing bags of "stuff" around to get to said machine.

I am in the mood to construct a building. DH is not. I picked out paint today to repaint my existing buildings,
going to be a darker color, Afternoon Tea, than my pale tan. I like to build, and I need a building that will
hold the excess I have piled up and cant turn around to work in. Anyone ever bought one of those buildings like from a builders supply store that is double walled plastic? They are the cheapest, just wondered if they
leak much or any, are worth the 600.00 they are for "temporary" holding of fabrics and a couch. LOL

If you woke up this morning, you already had a great day.  Let us all go forward.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, 2012

This is my first post and my first attempt at having a Blog.  This is a huge step for me and I may have tip toed into a non comfort zone.  I read so many others everyday, and love to "meet" your lifes thoughts.

I gave up on New Years resolutions, because at nearly 62, I dont see the sense of it all, just try to make the next day better than yesterday is enough for me.

I make charity quilt tops 99%, havent sewn in a while though. I am at a crossroads it seems, and this is one area I have always wanted to do (blog) and thought well, maybe I can try this and see if it gets my mojo
back on track. I have heard all the you will sew again, just try 15 minutes. It is not that easy for me yet. I went to a wonderful retreat last Oct., came home beat (good) and had sewn 5 quilt tops in 3 days and just dumped everything into the sewing space. I have no room to even see the sewing machine.

So I hope you like the road I attempt, chime in, share, and feel free to visit.

Cat hairs are a given-LOL